1964 Ford Thunderbird



Thunderbird is a unique and timeless classic. We wanted to bring this beautiful blue 1964 back to life.

Here's a bit of our progress...

1964 Thunderbird - BEFORE



White Glossy Hard Top

Replaced the Landau top with a glossy white hard top





The First Coat

The first coat of paint! We went with a flat metallic aqua blue.



Making sure all the little details are up to par.


Birds Eye

We've got some more pinstriping to do but boy does she look good from up here.


Under the hood

Connecting the battery


No Seat

Seats not being installed isn't going to stop Darrin from getting behind the wheel!


T-Bird outside

It was so nice finally getting her out of the shop! 


T-Bird outside

*heart eyes*



The pinstriping really is the cherry on top of this car




Cleaning the seatbelts was so satisfying